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Amy Bolam
United States
Current Residence: Richardson, TX
Favourite photographer: Jackie Bedell, TJay Reid... ME!!! Ansel Adams
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto
Personal Quote: Anything worth doing is worth over doing
Less than two months ago I put almost $700 into the cooling system of my car, some of which didn't need replacing. Imagine my surprise to find myself on the side of the road with steam boiling out from under my hood. . I had headed out after work to head to Scarborough to get some stuff out of our building there. I waited for it to cool and check it out. Stumbled once in my flip flops and ripped open the side of my foot.  I replenished the lost fluids and tried to limp my car home. I tried all the old tricks. No air conditioning (gads!) No Cruise control.  Turn the heater on full blast… no luck! I could go about 4 miles and it would heat up again. I've always been a person who can take care of herself and I've always looked like I can take care of myself. This point is a double edged sword. Looking like I can take care of myself keeps away the freaks and weirdos. But looking like I can take care of myself also means that people who are suppose to stop and give you help don't. Like police officers and the roadside assistance guys.  I finally gave up on a long, lonely and very dark stretch of highway that has a reputation for being a bad place to break down and called a tow truck. I wait almost an hour in the heat and dark for him. The truck shows up and the driver starts getting ready to load my car.  I walked around to the passenger side of the car to get my purse and gym bag out and in the grass and darkness, found a fire ant hill. Did I mention I was in flip flops? Dave, Bless his soul, met me and the tow truck at the garage that fill be fixing my car, under the warranty, from the last time I had it fixed. I didn't get home till 11:30 PM.

So, how to get to work in the morning?

I couldn't asked Dave. Had him up way too late to ask him to help that early in the morning. Too late to call Kitt. Sue said she'd pick me up from work. I did the only thing I could think of, I got up at 4 am. Walked the 2 miles to the DART station and caught the train into Dallas.  The heat and humidity were already high. Venus was brilliant peeking out from between the clouds. The Gibbous moon surrounded by the whiskers back home would have whispered of coming rain. As I walked along the smell of watered lawns and fresh dirt fill my nose. I revisited a bad habit I had as a child on long drives of looking in people's windows. Steady ladies and gentlemen! Nothing Peeping Tom or Voyeuristic, just one moment of Americana. A man asleep in his Lazy Boy chair with the TV on. I miss the first train, it pulls out just as I get to the platform. No fear! I planned for things like that. The next one's in ten minutes so I pull out my Sudoku book and try and work the puzzles before me. I ended up spending my time people watching. It's amazing to see so many people awake and starting their days this early. For most, this is everyday life for them. The second train arrives and I settle in the back and again turn my attention to my puzzle book.  It felt a lot like being back in England. At least here the trains run on time. Switched trains in Dallas, taking the Trinity Rail toward work. I've timed it well. Just a few minutes between trains. I ended up riding backwards. I hate riding backwards! Somehow, it was okay this morning. As I sat there traveling West, looking east, watching daylight creep over neon on the high rises of Dallas and the yard light of suburbia I thought what a good morning for a walk. I get off the train at DFW/Centerpoint. I am now 4 and half miles from work.  This is where my plan goes awry. I thought there would be buses, maybe a cab or two. This is the stop for the airport. The only bus goes to the airport, which is the wrong direction and not a cab in sight. So I walk. Now, the way that the Trinity River goes this area there is no straight way to get from the train station to my work. My other miss calculation is the frontage road for 360 doesn't go all the way to Trinity Ave. I know the guys at work will wonder why I didn't call for one of them to come get me. First off. When I got off the train, no one would have been in the office. I hate to admit it, but I'm stubborn and hate having to be rescued again! Since I didn't make it to the gym last night or this morning, I figured a walk would do me good. Round maybe a shape, but it's not the shape I want to be in! Of course I can't be doing too bad, the truckers all smiled and waved at me!

I know most people would have just stayed home. I've already missed time due to car problems and I don't want to lose my job. I really like this job and I'm learning a lot. But most importantly, today is my birthday luncheon and damn it…. I WANT MY CAKE!!!!!
  • Mood: Rant
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: water

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